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Get Major Exposure – DRM Puts Music Biz at a Crossroads

To the record companies along with the RIAA, Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is vital; the application protects artists and their copyrights from piracy. To hackers, it’s just yet another hurdle to before music becomes free. But for customers, DRM is often a nuisance that forces legal downloader’s to pay off a similar hurdles their illegal counterparts must jump.

Without DRM, many artists wouldn’t sell their songs online. Either the Independent artists themselves wouldn’t trust their songs to haphazard download, or-far more likely-the recording companies that distribute the fabric would not released albums if they can be pirated.

Apple’s iTunes employs DRM protection, and since a store sells virtually all legal downloads oahu is Huey Lewis & The News biggest target of DRM-based complaining. Not only are pirates supposedly locked out, but also legal downloader’s are locked into using the iPod, since iTunes songs don’t use on other MP3 players. iPods will also be struggling to play songs downloaded through the majority of services.

ITunes is vital on the industry, since it is worth a lot money. The flat $0.99/song plan is still set up, despite RIAA outcry, since the industry realizes it cannot be nearly as profitable minus the top online marketplace.

Because the iPod is the greatest selling MP3 player, many would assume oahu is the best which you has something opting for it that other players usually do not. In noting the dominance of the iPod and iTunes, it will be remiss to overlook a bit of a chicken or egg scenario: Would the iPod be as popular if iTunes music business may be played on other devices? Would iTunes be as popular in that case a lot of people would not curently have an iPod, that could only play iTunes compatible songs?

Much such as the chicken-egg dilemma, it is really a difficult question to answer. The bottom line, however, is the fact that DRM is giving Apple a tremendous competitive advantage on all its competitors, as well as the shudder-inducing term monopoly just isn’t distant. Due to an extreme lack of competition, Apple can engage in, shall I say, near-monopolistic price-fixing tendencies. Other companies are required to either follow suit, in blind compliance, or twist inside the wind.

Some nations, such as France, have proposed that DRM be cracked. Apple has decried an opportunity as state-sponsored piracy, urging France to reconsider how it affects artists rights. Meanwhile, France maintains that eliminating DRM gives users more free choice.

There are, of course, methods for getting around DRM. These typically involve burning a CD of legally purchased songs-which only experience one mp3 music player-and then ripping said Buy Cd into DRM-free MP3s. After all, every very good music player plays illegal MP3s.

Aside through the moral implications of obvious stealing, it somewhat defeats the intention of purchasing music legally in case you must effectively pirate your individual music in order for it to function everywhere you want it to. I cannot, in good judgment, recommend stealing, but I also cannot think that every song on every users iPod is legally purchased either.

The answer to the DRM dilemma just isn’t simple, along with the path the record companies analysis takes will either ensure its future success or cripple it. It is clear, however, that whether or not this chooses to totally embrace or fully cast off DRM, the must act fast.