Five Reasons Why Having An Excellent Neil Diamond Is Not Enough

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Cheap CD Duplication – Don’t Pay $5 Per CD – Read This Now!

This guide is for Whitney Houston musicians looking for a method of cheap CD duplication so that you can start to get your stuff around to the record companies, or even do a small release that you can sell at your gigs.

First off I want to say that to achieve cheap CD duplication you should stop thinking about getting it done by an outside company and decide to go the DIY method.

Follow these steps and you should be fine:

1. Your CD Burner – If you have not used it before make sure that your computer has one and that it’s working. If you have a bit of spare cash look on eBay for a burner that does multiple CDs at once.

2. Get the CDRs – As we’re trying to achieve cheap CD duplication you want to find the best deal possible. Decide on how many you need and then look on eBay for the cheapest you can find. I usually get 50 for around $18.

3. Burning Software – Most PCs come with some kind of multiple burning software like Roxio, but if you can’t find it I like to go with iTunes. If you’re making one at a time it’s really simple to get you tracks in order and Whitney Houston ( it will even set them at the same level for you.

4. Burn Your First Disc – Set up a playlist of your tracks in iTunes and then look in the bottom right hand corner and Cd Site you will see the CD burning icon. (Unless they have moved it by the time your read this;-) )

Click on that button, choose the fastest burning option and click go.

Final thoughts.

You last step before burning a whole batch should be to test your CDs on a couple of players to make sure that it works.

Good luck.